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Since 1896, Atlas Bolt & Screw has been offering a broad line of fasteners. The past 30 years have been dedicated to fasteners that reduce installation costs and extend the lives of metal buildings worldwide.

A member of the Marmon Group, Atlas is one of the oldest and most knowledgeable companies in the fastener business.

Atlas provides the widest selection of fasteners for metal to metal and metal to wood applications. Quality is measured from the purchase of our raw material to the installation of the product by your dealers and the erectors of your buildings.

Customers get a proven track record of quality and reliability. Atlas innovations continue to cut installation costs and lengthen service lives of buildings throughout the US and the world. Designing, manufacturing, and marketing fasteners into fastening systems is still our only business. It means you're dealing with an acknowledged leader in building fastener systems - the company responsible for many of the advances in building fastener technology, X-10 Versa Vent, "Lap Screw" and "Corrosion-Resistant Ultimate Long-Life Head."

Low-Pro Ultimate

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Atlas Bolt & Screw Products Made in USA

Made In The USA

Atlas is now manufacturing and stocking a line of domestically made fasteners which meet "Made in USA" requirements.

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Ashland, Ohio, June 6, 2017 - Don Bratcher is promoted to President of Atlas Bolt and Screw effective June 1, 2017. Don will have complete responsibility for all Atlas's North American activities including the branches in Ashland, OH, Flat Rock, NC, Salem, OR, Houston, TX and the manufacturing plant and corporate offices in Ashland, OH. Don joined Atlas in April of 2015 as the Business Unit Manager for the Wood Segment and has overseen many programs to drive significant improvements in both operations and customer service.

Don's career spans more than 25 years, with Butler Manufacturing, a designer and manufacturer of metal buildings. At Butler, Don successfully managed commercial activities for 16 years and then transitioned to a general manager's role with full P&L and operational responsibility for their Western region. Don's longstanding experience in the markets served by Atlas positions him well to lead Atlas as President.

Mike Hartley, President Construction Fasteners Group a Marmon Engineered Components Company, commented: "There are many exciting projects underway at Atlas that are planned to position the business for continued growth and success for years to come. Executing these projects properly will require strong leadership and the attention and talents of the many people in the Atlas organization. I am personally excited about the opportunities for Atlas with the support of Don's leadership. Please join me in wishing Don every success in his new role."

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About Atlas Bolt & Screw, a Marmon Berkshire Hathaway Co.:

Atlas Bolt & Screw, the market leader has the widest selection of metal and wood fasteners and is a full line accessories supplier of performance building envelope solutions. Atlas is a vertically integrated manufacturer from wire thru to packaging. We have industry longevity of proven product leadership and performance, manufacturing since 1896. Our goal is to differentiate our partners in the marketplace while improving revenues and margins by enhancing metal connections and protecting value.

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#10 WoodTite HLX Fastener

The new #10 WoodTite HLX™ Atlas High-Low Fastener is engineered with a Type-17 Point to penetrate the metal panel quickly. The Atlas HLX™ features a specialized hybrid threads that reduce pigtails along with drive torque in hard woods and knots. The high major with low minor threads ensures faster drill times!

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#12 UltiMate Woodscrew

#12-11 Ultimate® Wood Fastener with the Z5 Ultimate System™

The 12-11 LoPro Ultimate® wood fastener was created through a need to have a fastener withstand the challenging weather elements created along coastal building regions, and demonstrate higher pullouts against random wind uplifts. The #12-11 Low Pro Ultimate® wood fastener is manufactured to meet those demands!

The Atlas Z5 Ultimate System™ is a Zinc cast fastener head versus capped, which eliminates the voids and gaps found with fasteners where the heads are capped. This system allows for the fastener to self-clean with the innovative notched head design, and the EPDM tubular washer creates a tight seal under the fastener head. The innovative design of the Z5 Ultimate System™ allows Atlas to offer a warranty against Red Rust on the fastener head for the life of your building.

Technical information for the #12-11 Ultimate®.

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