New Products From Atlas

Low-Pro Ultimate

New Products for the Contractor

The Ultimate Low Profile zinc head is more compatible with a magnetic nut setter. Once the magnet is set, it provides superior socket fit, along with more control. For how to set the magnet, please refer to the YouTube video found on our home page.

The Atlas Z5 Ultimate SystemT is a Zinc cast fastener head versus capped, which eliminates the voids and gaps found with fasteners where the heads are capped. This system allows for the fastener to self-clean with the innovative notched head design, and the EPDM tubular washer creates a tight seal under the fastener head. The innovative design of the Z5 Ultimate SystemT allows Atlas to offer a warranty against Red Rust on the fastener head for the life of your building.

Technical information for the UltiMate

#10 Woodtite fastener

New Products for the Contractor

Combining the elements of the Type 17 point and specialized hybrid threads allows the #10 WoodTite to penetrate the metal panel, hard woods, and knots easier, allowing for quicker installation.

Technical information for the #10 Woodtite

#12-11 Ultimate

#12-11 Ultimate® Wood Fastener with the Z5 Ultimate System™

The #12-11 Ultimate® wood fastener was created through a need to have a fastener withstand the challenging weather conditions created along coastal building regions, and demonstrate higher pullouts against random wind uplifts.

The #12-11 Low Pro Ultimate® wood fastener is manufactured to meet those demands!

Technical information for the #12-11 Ultimate®

#10 WoodTite HLX High-Low Fastener

WoodTite HLX High-Low Fastener

The new #10 WoodTite HLX™ Atlas High-Low Fastener is engineered with a Type-17 Point to penetrate the metal panel quickly. The Atlas HLX™ features a specialized hybrid threads that reduce pigtails along with drive torque in hard woods and knots. The high major with low minor threads ensures faster drill times!

Technical information for the #10 WoodTite HLX

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