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Marmon Construction Fastener Group Innovation Lab

  Innovation Lab
A new Fastener Group innovation lab was constructed within the Atlas manufacturing facility in Ashland and was opened in August of 2012. The Marmon Construction Fastener Group includes Atlas Bolt & Screw Co., LLC, Robertson Screw and Pan American Screw Company. The sole purpose of the innovation lab is to invent "game-changing", patentable products that improve fastener fixings. This would include better fastener design for a given application, improving speed and ease of fastener installation and longevity and durability to extend the life of the fastener. Successful product innovations provide a solution to customer problems and/or inefficiencies.

Atlas Hires National Branch Operations/Logistics Manager

  Jason Hildenbrand
Jason Hildenbrand

Atlas has added a new member to its team, Jason Hildenbrand. Jason is the National Branch Operations/Logistics Manager, and will be focused on overseeing the Branch locations by supporting Branch Managers in meeting company goals, providing leadership in building branch operations that meet the challenges of the future and the growth expectations of our Sales Team.

Jason brings distribution management expertise from warehousing, planning, shipping, safety, forecasting and process improvement. Jason has an MBA, is a Stanford Certified Project Manager (SCPM), and an APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) with strong analytical, critical reasoning and financial management skills.