UltiMate LocFast

Wood UltiMate Features:

  • Carbon Steel Shank
  • Mechanical Zinc Plated
  • DEKS Mutli-Seal Washers® washers
  • 5/16" Zinc Cast Hex Head

Installation Recommendations:

  • Recommended Driving Tools: 2,000 - 2,500 RPM electric screw gun with depth sensing nose piece to prevent overdriving and stripout
  • Seating Torque: For optimum screw and washer performance, seating torque of 30 - 60 in./lbs. is suggested. For premium Ultimate fasteners with DEKS Multi-Seal washers, 15-25 in./lbs is suggested.

Diameter: #10
Threads per In.: 14
Length: 1", 1½", 2
Head: 5/16" Cast Zinc
Point: Sharp 26º
Material: Carbon Steel
Finish: Mechanical Zinc

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Wood UltiMate

Four Sealing Points
Unique design gives a perfect seal

UltiMate Sealing Points

1. Protects and seals under the head
2. Against the shank
3. Against the roof sheet
4. Around the perimeter

Wood UltiMate Specs

Wood UltiMate Engineering Specs

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