#10 WoodTite HLX High-Low Fastener

The new #10 WoodTite HLX™ Atlas High-Low Fastener is engineered with a Type-17 Point to penetrate the metal panel quickly. The Atlas HLX™ features a specialized hybrid threads that reduce pigtails along with drive torque in hard woods and knots. The high major with low minor threads ensures faster drill times!

#10 WoodTite HLX High-Low Fastener Features:

  • Aster Threads - Innovative hybrid threads to cut through hard woods and knots
  • Type-17 Point - Helps to penetrate metal more quickly
  • High Major Threads with Low Minor Threads - Ensures faster drill times

Atlas Technical Services Page

#10 WoodTite Metal to Wood Fastener

Diameter: #10
Threads per In.: 14
Length: 1", 1½", 2", 2½", 3"
Special Characteristic: Aster Thread
Point: Type-17
Material: Carbon Steel
Plating: Mechanical Zinc
Coating: Oxyseal
Washer: Bonded washer

Engineering Test Report

#10 WoodTite HLX Engineering Test Report

Pull Out Values for #10 WoodTite HLX with Aster Threads

#10 WoodTite HLX Pull Out Values
Note: Pull-out values are a measurement of wood material strength. Actual field values may vary.

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